Kidney Treatment Center of South Florida

About KTC

USA, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, France, Germany, the Middle East, India, among others.
Certified, Professional Dialysis and Kidney specialist

The Kidney Treatment center is a 26 chair dialysis facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology, water filtration system, dialysis machines and certified professional staff .

Dialysis Patients at Kidney Treatment Center are given a new filter with each new treatment. The filters are not reused, which speaks to the quality of our dialysis services.

Each dialysis chair unit is equipped with its own personal LCD tv monitor which includes satellite and local television service.

  • Dr. Fransico Pons

  • A Team who cares about you

  • Equipped with its own flat screen personal television with satellite and local television service

  • Accepting Dialysis patients from around the world