August 19, 2013

The Kidney Treatment Center of South Florida

Feel the Difference

Feel the difference at the Kidney Treatment Center….

Sometimes quality is not measured just by the mathematical parameters by which our world tends to judge all of us today…nor by the simple expense of the doorknobs you touch, nor the tiles on which you step. Sometimes you walk into a place and you feel embraced, safe, and secure, even if you are anxious inside.

Dialysis is not easy for you…but the moment you step into the Kidney Treatment Center, you will feel you are not alone in your needs.

The Kidney Treatment Center as a private, independently owned and operated kidney or renal dialysis facility combines a high quality of clinical care with an extraordinarily warm, congenial environment. It is nestled in the heart of Kendall, one of the fastest growing suburbs of beautiful Miami, Florida.

The Kidney Treatment Center started as an answer to the needs our patients voiced. Patients wanted excellent dialysis care. They did not, however, want to feel like a number. They wanted an environment where they felt welcomed and warmly attended. Today, we are proud to have created a dialysis facility which has responded, and keeps responding, to those needs.

As a private facility, our dialysis clinic not only upholds the highest standards of clinical care, but it is able to offer a uniquely warm, family type environment. The individualized attention the Kidney Treatment Center offers allows us to make your dialysis experience a much more pleasant one. At the Kidney Treatment Center, safety and comfort is our core.

In every detail, patients will sense the dialysis treatment at the Kidney Treatment Center is the answer to their search for the right dialysis treatment center.

The Clinic

The Patients at the Kidney Treatment Center are offered an important benefit in the dialysis treatment: they are given a new filter with each new treatment. The filters are not reused, which speaks to the reliability of our services.

Furthermore, we have state-of-the-art technology both in our water filtration system, in our dialysis machines, as in our state of the art technology supporting our clinical services.

The clinic is a 22 chair facility. Each dialysis chair is equipped with its own flat screen personal television with satellite and local television service. Patients may also bring in their movies to view through an integrated video viewing system.

Certified, Professional Staff

The success of your treatment begins with the quality we bring to you. The Kidney Treatment Center of South Florida prides itself not only in the quality of its clinical staff but in its dedication to superb ongoing training and education of its staff. Well trained staff translates to quality treatment. We want you to know that you are in good hands at the Kidney Treatment Center of South Florida.

From the certified dialysis technicians who are responsible for their direct care, to the dialysis nurses, the social services division, the renal dietician, the nephrologist, and the Medical Director, the patient will sense a deep devotion to their overall clinical and emotional needs.

Diversity in cultures, race, religion, and language is our strength

The city of Miami, its residents, and its visitors enjoy a diversity of cultures, religions, races, and languages. The Kidney Treatment Center prides itself in being open to this beautiful diversity native to its location. The Kidney Treatment Center prides itself as well in its diversity of cultures and backgrounds both as to its staff as well as to its patient population. The staffs at the Kidney Treatment Center are bilingual Spanish and we have available translation services in other languages with proper advanced planning. We openly welcome and embrace persons of all cultures, races, and religions.

Our goal is to make all who are entrusted to our care feel comfortable, secure, and appreciated while they are entrusted to our care.


Nestled in the suburbs of beautiful Miami, the Kidney Treatment Center also provides our patients with an exquisite environment, central to shops, restaurants, transportation, and accessible highways. Those travelling to the Kidney Treatment Center from afar will find ease of access to hotels, to major highways, and to the various tourist attractions which make Miami such a favoured destination.

We are open Monday through Saturday, offering 5 separate dialysis shifts to accommodate your scheduling needs.

As you will discover, the Kidney Treatment is an obvious solution to your kidney treatment and dialysis needs. Feel the difference….

If you want a genuine experience of excellent dialysis care and comfort please schedule an appointment with one our professional dialysis staff.



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